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What Others Have Said

"Here it is ... Marjorie believed in Downtown Delray Beach when most did not ... then SHE made it happen."


Bill Bathurst

Golden Bear Realty

Long time Delray Beach resident

"We immediately recognized Marjorie Ferrer's genuine knowledge and skill in revitalizing Downtown Districts utiliizing the resources available through the use of proven techniques. Marjorie brings her know-how of creating non-traditional 'NightTime Economies' within the same districts."


Patrick Brandano

Brandano Displays, Inc;

Lighting Expert

"Marjorie understands and believes in the power of planning and the importance of community engagement in the creation of those plans. As those plans unfold, Marjorie establishes meaningful metrics to measure the progress of those plans, and that they are still on track toward the desired goal. The renaissance of Downtown Delray Beach is a true reflection of her skill and dedication."


Blount Hunter

H. Blount Hunter

Retail & Real Estate Research

"Under Marjorie's guidance, Downtown Delray Beach has become one of the most vibrant and viable downtown districts - not only in FLorida, but throughout the Southeast U.S."


Howard Alan


Howard Alan Events, Inc.

Award-winning Art Festivals

"Marjorie is a 'get it done' leader. She sees a vision others don't and efficiently mobilizes the resources to seamlessly make it happen."


Jim Peters


Responsible Hospitality Institute

Nighttime Management Expert

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