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Night Cafe
Helping cities create amazing downtowns!

Every downtown project begins with the mission of bringing people, organizations, businesses and cities together in pursuit of real solutions. Important data collection, one-on-one conversations, collaboration, leadership and action are all part of the process. Everyone involved in a downtown, large or small, must be part of the conversation.


Common goals can be set and achieved when motivated leaders work together.

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What Others Have Said
Our Expertise

"The City put the bones in place by redoing the streetscape for the downtown. It was Marjorie Ferrer, however, who provided the spark which ignited and sustained the revitalization of Downtown Delray Beach."


David T. Harden

Former City Manager for

Winter Park and Delray Beach, FL

"It was an exciting time in the rejuvenation of our downtown. We worked closely with the city, CRA, DDA and the Chamber of Commerce. So many of the projects focused on the needs of the merchants, our city and its citizens. As Executive Director you put in so many extra hours and made it happen."


Rita Ellis

Delray Beach Commissioner and Mayor

2005 - 2009

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